Presentations of the speakers

In order of the programme:

Opening Plenary: Evidence for Sustainable Development
Klaus Jacob and Sabine Weiland (Freie Universität Berlin): „Evidence for sustainable development – Exploring the contradictions“ (Please, note: to view the presentation you must have a prezi account.)

Plenary I: Evidence and Science
Uwe Schneidewind (Wuppertal Institute of Climate, Environment and Energy): „The ‚Great Transformation‘ of science

Plenary II: Evidence and Policy Assessment
Arthur C. Petersen (VU Amsterdam): „Science and values in policy-relevant assessments: Lessons from global assessments and PBL

Semi-Plenary I: The Science-policy Interface – Institutions and Boundary Organizations
David Cash (Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities): „Action at the science-policy interface: Information at the boundary of decision making
Wang Yi (Chinese Academy of Science): „China’s policy for sustainable development: Practices and challenges

Semi-Plenary II: Knowledge for Sustainability Assessment
Judith Petts (University of Southhampton): „Evidence-based policy-making: Ensuring good impact
Mark Swilling (Stellenbosch University): „Rethinking the science-policy interface in South Africa: Experiments in co-production of knowledge at different scales“

Plenary III: Evidence in Strategic Perspective
Jan Marco Müller (European Commission, Bureau of European Policy Advisers): „What’s the problem with scientific evidence? Some thoughts on how to improve the science-policy-society interface

Semi-Plenary III: Facts and Values, Evidence and Democracy
Toddi Steelman (University of Saskatchewan): „Scientific myths and democratic challenges“ (Please, note: to view the presentation you must have a prezi account.)
Peter Biegelbauer (Austrian Institute of Technology): „Decisions, policy evidence and participation: How democratic is democratic policy-making?

Semi-Plenary IV: The Politics of Policy Assessment
Christian Hey (German Advisory Council on the Environment): „Safe planetary boundaries – Challenges for a new environmental policy frame
Claudio Radaelli (University of Exeter): „Our conventional wisdom about impact assessment, and why it is (partially) wrong“

Closing Plenary: The Future of Science-policy Interaction
Jacqueline McGlade (European Environment Agency): „Lessons from the future: unblocking the science-policy interface

Papers of the Participants of the 2012 Berlin Conference

Listed is the submitting author of each contribution. You can also download a list with all authors/co-authors, contribution titel, keywords and organization (here).

We suggest the following citation:
Author 2012, Paper title. Conference Paper of the 2012 Berlin Conference of the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change on „Evidence for Sustainable Development“, 5-6 October 2012, Berlin, Germany.



Albrecht, Martin; Nilsson, Måns; Åkerman, Jonas: Electrification of vehicles – drivers and impacts in two scenarios (download)


Balkema, Annelies; van Est, Rinie; Romijn, Henny: Optimizing decision making in the global biofuel chain for sustainable development, by creating insight into trade-off between social, economic and environmental impacts, and how these affect actors in different locations and on different time scales. (download)

Bang, Guri; Underdal, Arild; Andresen, Steinar; Skodvin, Tora: One Size Fits All? The Domestic Politics of Global Climate Change (download)

Belayneh, Kebede Bishaw: Acces to affordable and reliable energy services and women economic status nexus in three selected woredas of oromiya regional state, Ethiopia (download)

Belayneh, Kebede Bishaw: Application of GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques for Flood Hazard and Risk Assessment, the case of Dugeda Bora Woreda of Oromiya Regional State,Ethiopia (download)

Bhadra, Manash Ronjan: Adaptation, adaptive capacity and vulnerability of climate change (download)

Bhave, Ajay Gajanan; Mishra, Ashok: Integrated assessment of climate change adaptation options for water resources management using participatory and hydrological modelling approaches (download)

Bisri, Mizan Bustanul Fuady; Salim, Wilmar A.; Suroso, Djoko: “Entry Points” in Integrating Climate Risk and Adaptation Asessment into Development Planning: Reflections from Semarang and Tarakan City, Indonesia (download)

Boezeman, Daan; Vink, Martinus: When climate change enters an entrenched science policy interface: negotiating knowledge production for climate adaptation policy in the Netherlands (download)


Campos Medina, Fernando; Campos Medina, Luis: The Environmental Institution in Chile, A Political Representation of the Ecological Crisis (download)

Conrad, Jobst: The Discourse on Sustainable Development: How Political and Scientific Codes Go along with Each Other (download)


De La Vega-Leinert, A. Cristina; Wegener, Elke; Stoll-Kleemann, Susanne: Bridging the gaps between science-based land use scenarios, policy and lay public perspectives: the case of managed realignment in Germany (download)

de Vries, Wim; van Ittersum, Martin; Britz, Wolfgang; Enders, Andreas; Roosenschoon, Onno; Adelle, Camilla; Wolf., Joost; Reinds, Gert Jan; Kros, Hans; Uiterwijk, Michel: Agricultural adaptation to climate change under different policy environments (download; PPT only)

Dusan Djordjevic; Jörg Balsiger: A view from the mountains: National involvement in Southeast European regionalization (download)


Eboli, Fabio; Carraro, Carlo; Lorenza, Campagnolo; Elisa, Lanzi; Elisa, Portale; Ramiro, Parrado: Sustainability perspectives: a new methodological approach for quantitative assessment (download)


Field, Paula: How we can encourage and support a more sustainable future (download)

Forrest, Richard Andrew: Can the Wild Discourses of Sustainability be Tamed? (download)

Frohneberg, Julia: Sustainable Development between international law and international relations (download)


García Sánchez, Daniela: Decision making and the energy path towards carbon neutrality. The case of Costa Rica. (download)

Goeschl, Timo; Degen, Christina; Fischer, Helen; Funke, Joachim; Kettner, Sara; Lohse, Johannes; Schröder, Johannes; Schwieren, Christiane: Climate change mitigation in aging societies: Motivational and cognitive aspects (download)

Guimarães, Patricia Borba Vilar; Xavier, Yanko Marcius de Alencar: Water Resources Management Public Policy Evaluation: a Propositive Model from Brazilian Legal Context (download)


Hegger, Dries; Dieperink, Carel: Reconciling supply and demand for knowledge through joint knowledge production: confronting theoretical success conditions with empirical evidence (download)

Hermann, Andrea Tony; Bauer, Anja; Pregernig, Michael: Science-Policy Interactions in a Corporatist System: Knowledge Brokerage in Austrian Climate Policy (download)


Isaacs, John Patrick; Falconer, Ruth E; Gilmour, Daniel J; Blackwood, David J: The SAVE Concept : – Sustainability Assessment & Enhancement Through Novel Visualisation (download)

Islam, Md. Mahidul: Assessing the data, models and tools for decision-making: A case study of existing WASH monitoring and reporting system in Nepal (download)


Jansen, Jacques; Wien, Jan-Erik; Jordan, Andrew; Turnpenny, John; Helming, Katharina; Podhora, Aranka; Roosenschoon, Onno; Reis, Stefan; Jacob, Klaus; Dick, Jan; Söderman, Tarja; Saarela, Sanna-Riikka; Crimi, Jacopo; Weiland, Sabine: The LIAISE approach to unite researchers and practitioners in a community of experts on impact assessment (download)

Jakil, Ana: Sustainability Governance Foresight: Towards Bridging the Knowledge Gap between Policy Analysis and EU Governance for Sustainable Development (download)


Kabuuka, Denis Marsha; Mulumba, Dr. Lukman N.: Interactive Relationships and Evidence-based Policy: A Case-study of “Adapting to Climate Change through Integrated Water and Nutrient Management for Increased Crop Yields,” Research Project (download)

Kanamori, Yuko: Household consumption change and household waste generation from household activities in Asian countries (download)

Kara, Yagmur; Kone, Aylin Cigdem: The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Approach for Assessment of Regional Environmental Sustainability (download)

Kimura, Hitomi: Role of researcher/academia in making UK low carbon policy (download)

Kolleck, Nina: Supporting decision-making for sustainable development: Social Network Analyses and Social Network Theory as a tool for (policy) advice (download)

Kunseler, Eva-Maria: Challenges of dealing with plurality: a process evaluation of the Nature Outlook of the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (download)


Landel, Pauline: Effects of Participation on the Use of Evidence for Public Decision in Conservation Agriculture (CA). A comparison between France and Brasil. (download)

Li, Xinlei: Green Evidence for Energy Security Transformation in China: Re-conceptualization of Energy Security and Its Implication to China’s Renewable Energy Policy Change (download)

Lorenz, Ullrich; Neumann, Kai: Assessing the effectivness of policy measures with the help of qualitative modeling (download)


Madu, Ignatius Ani: Spatial vulnerability assessments of rural households to climate change in Nigeria: Towards evidence-based adaptation policies (download)

Marino, Juana; Mejía, María: Interaction between Science and Policy: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in urban-regional contexts (download)

Mattioli, Giulio; Boffi, Mario; Colleoni, Matteo: Milan’s pollution charge: sustainable transport and the politics of evidence (download)

Meijer-Irons, Jacqueline; Chabot-Hanowell, Benjamin; Curran, Sara R.; Dunbar, Matthew: The impact of global climate change and local environmental stress on migration in Nang Rong, Thailand (download)

Meisch, Simon P.; Beck, Roman; Potthast, Thomas: A value-reflexive governance of water (download)

Meskens, Gaston: A politics of confrontation for sustainable development governance (download)

Meuleman, Louis: Cognitive dissonance in evidence-based sustainability policy? Reflections based on governance theory (download)

Meyer-Ueding, Jennifer: The interrelation between collective participation and sustainable decisions – a qualitative assessment approach (download)

Mutombo, Emilie: “The environment” within the European Commission: the role of impact assessment (download)


Nakanishi, Hitomi; Hu, Richard: Assessing the quality of life in the context of sustainable development


Osabuohien, Evans S.; Efobi, Uchenna R.; Gitau, Ciliaka M.: Environmental Challenge and Water Access in Africa: Empirical Evidences using Household Survey from Nigeria (download)

Otto, Daniel: The costs of knowledge production: Why fact-based knowledge hardly serves as political guideline. (download)

Orhan, Gökhan: Lack of Evidence as Evidence: The Case of Air Pollution in Turkey (download)


Pettibone, Lisa: Sustainability indicators in an evolving sustainability information system: The case of Seattle (download)

Pinar, Mehmet; Agliardi, Elettra; Stengos, Thanasis: A new index of environmental quality (download)


Quitzow, Rainer: Strategies for promoting environmental innovation: balancing policy learning and policy stability (download)


Rahder, Micha: A Reserve Full of Rooftops: Technology, Scale, and Meaning in Remote Monitoring of Human Populations in Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve. (download)

Ray, Subhasis: Linking Corporate Social responsibility with Sustainable Development; New policies and emerging evidence from India (download)

Reimer, Inken: The influence of uncertainty on the framing of REDD in Norway, Germany and Canada (download)

Reis, Stefan; Steinle, Susanne; Morris, George; Fleming, Lora E; Cowie, Hilary; Hurley, Fintan; Dick, Jan; Smith, Rognvald I; Austen, Melanie; White, Mathew: Developing an integrated conceptual model for health and environmental impact assessment (download)

Rennkamp, Britta: Sustainable development planning in South Africa: a case of over-strategizing? (download)

Riousset, Pauline: Reducing the gap between science and policy: what role for researchers? A focus on environmental and agro-environmental policy impact assessment (download)

Romano, Oriana; Ercolano, Salvatore; Gaeta, Giuseppe Lucio: Individual attitude and public actions for environmental policies: an empirical analysis on European micro data (download)

Rozenberg, Julie; Guivarch, Céline; Lempert, Robert; Hallegatte, Stéphane: Building SSPs for climate policy analysis: a scenario elicitation methodology to map the space of possible future mitigative and adaptative capacity (download)


Saha, Polin Kumar: Incorporating Product Development Tools in Environmental Management Systems (EMS): A New Way for Sustainability Management (download)

Sareen, Siddharth: Governing the conflicted commons: democracy in the Indian tribal belt (download)

Schenk, Olga: Influence of technology-oriented agreements on European policy in the field of carbon capture and storage technologies (download)

Schwedes, Oliver: e-mobility: A Sustainable Transport Policy? (download)

Sheng, Chunhong: The controversial renewable energy-a comparative study of nuclear power in China and Germany (download)

Shmelev, Stanislav Edward: Environmentally Extended Input–Output Analysis of the UK Economy: Key Sector Analysis (download)

Shmelev, Stanislav Edward; Shmeleva, Irina A.: Climate Change Discourse Analysis: Russian Case (download)

Sirisena, Dilip Chaminda: Potential for climate justice (CLIJ) tourism (download)

Skjærseth, Jon Birger; Bang, Guri: Understanding Growing Climate Policy Differences in the EU and the US (download)

Smith, Rognvald; Dick, Jan; Trench, Hamish; van Oijen, Marcel: Extending a Bayesian Belief Network for ecosystem evaluation (download)

Soderman, Tarja; Saarela, Sanna-Riikka; Turnpenny, John: Knowledge Brokerage at the Science-Policy Interface:– case studies of tools and policy impact assessment (download)

Stewart, Ruth; Chereni, Admire; Korth, Marce; Rebelo Da Silva, Natalie; van Rooyen, Carina; de Wet, Thea: Systematically reviewing environmental evidence to address priorities for sustainable development in Africa (download)

Steward, Fred; Piterou, Athena: The UK Sustainable Development Research Network – analysing the interaction of knowledge and policy (download; PPT only)

Stilz, Melanie; Herlitz, René: Participation as if People Mattered – Negotiating Technology for the Afghan Education Sector (download)

Stellmacher, Till; Winter, Etti; Grote, Ulrike: Protected areas in Tanzania: from ineffective management to PA certificates? (download)

Sun, Miao: Assessment of Agri-environmental Scheme in Europe using AFI and its Implications on China’s Sustainable Development of Agriculture (download)

Swilling, Mark: Rethinking the Science-Policy Interface in South Africa: Experiments in Co-Production of Knowledge at Different Scales (download)


Amit Tubi, Itay Fischhendler and Eran Feitelson (2012): “The Effect of Vulnerability on Climate Change Mitigation Policies”. Global Environmental Change, 22, 472-482.


Vecchione, Elisa: Deliberating beyond evidence: lessons from Integrated Assessment Modelling (download)

Vedantam, Leela; Samant, Yuvraj; Amola, Neha: Governance with sustainable development: Overcoming the barriers (download)

Vogelpohl, Thomas; Dunkelberg, Elisa: The production of scientific evidence on indirect land use change and its role in EU biofuels policy (download)


Wesselink, Anna; Hoppe, Robert; Cairns, Rose: The role of boundary organizations in the social status of climate change knowledge (download)

Witting, Antje: the role of expertise in policy development: Towards a De-carbonized British road transport infrastructure (download)


Zeiger, Bastian; Gunton, Thomas: An Evaluation of Germany’s Environmental Sustainability Planning System (download)

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  • Key Dates:

    Deadline for paper abstracts: 1 April, 2012

    Notification of acceptance: 30 June, 2012

    Full papers due: 15 September, 2012

  • International Steering Committee

    Klaus Jacob, Chair Steering Committee (Environmental Policy Research Centre, Berlin, Germany)

    Sabine Weiland (Environmental Policy Research Centre, Berlin, Germany)

    Jan-Erik Wien (Alterra, Wageningen University, Netherlands)

    Andrew Jordan (University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK)

    Carlo Carraro (Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, Milan and Venice, Italy)

    Hubert Wiggering (Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research, Müncheberg, Germany)

    Frank Biermann (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands)

    Ilan Chabay (Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam, Germany)

    Markku Puupponen (PEER Secretary, Finnish Environment Institute, Helsinki, Finland)

    Lin Zhen (IGSNRR, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China)