Presentations of the Speakers:

Janos Bogardi,“Securitization of Environmental Hazards, Change and Environmentally Induced Migration“ (download)

Thomas Bernauer, „Environmental Degradation and Conflict“ (download)

Itay Fischhendler and David Katz, „Who is Securitizing the Environmental Security Discourse and Why?“ (download)

Tim Jackson, „Prosperity without Growth“ (download)

Martin Jänicke, „Accelerating Ecological Modernisation“ (download)

Adil Najam, „The Equity and Governance Dimensions of Environmental Change and Climate Adaptation“ (download)

Michael Renner, „Opportunities for Employment in the Green Tech Sector“ (download)

Timmons Roberts, „International Climate Justice and the Road to Cancun: Identifying and Addressing the Structural Roots of Non-Cooperation“ (download)

Klaus Töpfer, „Sustainability Studies: Thinking the Social and the Environmental Dimension Hand in Hand“ (download)

Papers of the Participants of the 2010 Berlin Conference

Listed is the submitting author of each contribution. You can also download a list with all authors/co-authors, contribution titel and organization (here).



Adelegan,Joseph: Eco-innovation and corporate performance in Africa (download)

Affifi, Tamer/ Warner, Koko: Environmentally induced migration: Social vulnerability and Governance Gaps

Andrade Correa, Fabiano de: Balancing the EU regulation on „CO2 emission standards for new passenger cars (download)

Avril, Bernard: Responses to environmental and societal challenges for our unstable earth (RESCUE) foresight initiative (download)

Azuwike, Okechi Dominic: Nigeria’s changing environment and pastoral nomadism (download)


Baber, Walter F.: Democratic deliberation and the normative dimensions of environmental change (download)

Bahn-Walkowiak, Bettina/ Bleischwitz, Raimund: Unsustainable consumption (download)

Balkema, Annelies J./Dijk van, Simone/ Heijen, Sanne/ Verbong, Geert/ Romijn, Henny/ Huntjes, Els: An impact assessment methodology for small scale renewable energy projects in developing countries funded under Dutch policies defined to contribute to the millennium development goals (download)

Bang, Guri: Signed but not ratified (download)

Barkemeyer, Ralf/ Figge, Frank/ Hoepner, Andreas: Sustainability‐related media coverage in 41 Countries (download)

Bartlett, Robert Virgil/ Baber, Walter Franklin: Democratic Deliberation and the Normative Dimensions of Environmental Change: Mapping and Developing Consensus for Governance

Baudoin, Marie-Ange: Adaptation to climate change (download)

Bauer, Anja/ Feichtinger , Judith/ Steurer, Reinhard: The governance of climate change adaptation in ten OECD countries (download)

Bauler, Tom: Climate change mitigation policies and social justice in Europe: developing a framework for assessment

Beck, Lucas/ Bernauer, Thomas: Water scenarios for the Zambezi River Basin, 2000 – 2050 (download)

Bernauer, Thomas/ Kalbhenn, Anna/ Koubi, Vally/ Ruoff, Gabi: Is there a „depth versus participation“ dilemma in international cooperation? (download)

Bernauer, Thomas/Kalbhenn, Anna/ Koubi, Vally/ Ruoff, Gabi: Climate change, economic growth, and conflict (download)

Bettini, Giovanni/ Olsson, Lennart/ Thoren, Henrik: Sustainability science and the Anthropocene (download)

Biedenkopf, Katja: E-waste governance beyond borders (download)

Bizzarri, Kim: Gramsci in Brussels: “The Prison Notebooks” as a theoretical guide for venturing across Europe’s environmental policy landscape

Bloomfield, Michael John: Concerning gold, Tiffany, Wal-Mart, and governance (download)

Boas, Ingrid: Climate-related migration as a security ris? The different routes of framing and its implications for governance

Böhmelt, Tobias/ Betzold, Carola: The impact of NGOs in international environmental negotiations (download)

Brandi, Clara: Climate and trade governance from a normative perspective (download)

Brick, Kerri/ Visser, Martine: Meeting a national emission reduction target in an experimental setting (download)


Cent, Joanna/ Mertens, Cordula/ Niedzialkowski, Kryztof: A love match, a resource match, a good match? (download)

Cunha Soares, Núria/ Kok, Marcel: Reinforcing the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals through human and environmental rights? (download)


De Bruyne, Charlotte/ Fischhendler, Itay: Governance mechanisms to address conflict in environmental agreements (download)

Dellas, Eleni/ Mert, Aysem: Technology transfer through water partnerships (download)

Dendler, Leonie: The role of product labelling schemes in shaping more sustainable production and consumption systems (download)

Dieperink, Carel: International water negotiations under asymmetry, Lessons from the Rhine chlorides dispute settlement (1931-2004) (download)

Dittmer, Franziska/ Groth, Markus: Towards an agri-environment index for biodiversity conservation payment schemes (download)

Domazet, Mladen: „Food is the first thing, but the morals must follow on“ (download)


Eisenack, Klaus/Stecker, Rebecca: An action theory of adaptation to climate change (download)

Ellis, Elisabeth: Extinction and Democracy (download)


Fay, John/ Kapfudzaruwa, Farai/ Na, Lin: Exploration of the underlying factors affecting the use of CDM (download)

Förch, Wiebke/ Hutchinson, Charles/ Finan, Timothy: Conceptualizing community resilience to global environmental change in the context of food insecure drylands (download)

Friend, Anthony: Nonlinear accounting, concepts and methods (download)

Fritsch, Matthias: Asymmetrical reciprocity in intergenerational justice (download)

Fritz-Vietta, Nadine/ Stoll-Kleemann, Susanne: A mandate for local people’s voice (download)

Fröhlich, Christiane J.: Transforming environmental conflict through discourse, illustrated by the Israeli- Palestinian water conflict (download)


Ganguly, Sunayana: A constructivist analysis linking norm diffusion to policy networks (download)

Gemenne, François: Migration, a possible adaptation strategy? (download)

Gemenne, François: Equity in adaptation to climate Change (download)

Germond-Duret, Celine/ Howe, Joe: The global financial crisis and its impacts on environmental discourses

Gigli, Michaela/ Schweizer-Ries, Petra/ Zimmermann, Anne: Zero-emission communities (download)

Gill, Bernhard: Alternative reactions to climate change (download)

Gnann, Johannes Oliver: Historical evaluations of regime performance on the output dimension (download)

Groth, Markus: The use of markets for biodiversity in Germany (download)

Guimarães, Roberto Pereira/ Runte, Gloria Irene Braz da Cunha/ lthoff, Raquel Rinaldi/ Fontoura, Yuna Souza dos Reis Fontoura: Earth systems governance and sustainable development (download)

Guldbrandsen, Lars H./ Andresen, Steinar/ Skjaerseth, Jon B.: Non-state actors and environmental governance (download)


Hamann, Ralph: Strategic change in organisations and governance systems in response to climate change as wicked problem: Framing a comparative research agenda

Haldenwang, Christian von: The legitimation of radical change (download)

Hanger, Susanne: Adaptation in Europe (download)

Herrfahrdt-Pähle, Elke: Institutional resilience in water governance reforms (download)

Horlemann, Lena/ Dombrowsky, Ines: Institutionalizing IWRM in developing and transition countries (download)

Huettner, Michael: Risks and opportunities of REDD+ implementation for environmental integrity and socio-economic compatibility (download)

Hurlbert Margot: Transitioning to sustainability in Saskatchewan power production (download)


Iguchi, Masahiko: Driving to the low-carbon society (download)

Ingold, Karin: How are climate change adaptation strategies put into practice? (download)

Ison, Nicola Mary: From command and control to local democracy (download)

Ito, Yasushi: The effects of subsidies on diffusing new technologies (download)


Jernecke, Anne/ Olsson, Lennart: Global Injustices in policies on climate, food and health: shifting or sharing the burdens and benefits


Kaijser, Anna: Development cooperation as an arena for discursive clashes (download)

Katz, Christine: Ethnicity – a factor? (download)

Kent, Jennifer Carol/ McGee, Caitlin/ Herriman, Jade/Riedy, Chris: A tough social challenge and a diabolical policy challenge (download)

Kiragu, Serah: The role of local institutions in shaping climate risks adaptation processes and practices among the semi-arid rural households of Mwingi, Kenya (download)

Kobayashi, Hayato: REDD – potential environmental justice challenges and the way forward (download)

Koblowsky, Peter/ Ifejika Speranza, Chinwe: Institutional challenges to developing a Nigerian climate policy (download)

Kolleck, Nina: Corporate responsibility for global environmental change? (download)

Koning, Jessica de: Institutional bricolage in forest governance (download)

Korte, Stefanie/ Jörgens, Helge: The dismantling of environmental policies in the USA (download)

Kranz, Nicole: National strategies for sustainable development (download)

Kranz, Nicole: What can business contribute to adaptive water management? (download)

Krapovickas, Julieta/ Pino Vilalta, Joan/ Claramunt López, Bernat/ Paolasso, Pablo: Socio-environmental change in the Argentine Chaco (download)

Krause, Torsten: Financial incentives for conservation

Kruse, Sylvia/ Pütz, Marco: Climate change adaptation (download)


Labbouz, Benoît/ Treyer, Sébastien: The mobilization of international expertise for global governance in IAASTD (download)

Laffiteau, Charles Augustus: Why have the relatively successful attempts to govern the world’s production of Chlorofluorocarbons not been duplicated in other areas of global environmental protection? (download)

Laffiteau, Charles Augustus: The WTO appellate body’s shrimp-turtles decision (download)

Lehmann, Ina: Reconciling effectiveness and distributive justice

Lehmann, Paul: Challenges to water pricing in developing countries (download)

Lehtonen, Markku: Power, certification, and the social sustainability of Brazilian bioethanol (download)

Luthe, Tobias: Overcoming social barriers in managing vulnerability of alpine tourism to environmental change (download)


Madu, Ignatius Ani: Population pressure, agricultural land use and environmental sustainability in Nigeria (download)

Majale, Christine/ Spaargaren, Gert/ Oosterveer, Peter: Governance and non-state actors in municipal solid waste management (download)

Malone, Elizabeth L./ Runci, Paul J./ Hultman, Nathan: Governing technological diffusion to address climate change (download)

Máñez Costa, María/ Brugnach, Marcela: Deconstructing the stakeholder concept (download)

Manuel-Navarrete, David: It’s the politics, stupid! (download)

Martins, Rafael D’Almeida/ Ferreira, Leila da Costa: Double exposure on the northern coast of the São Paulo State, Brazil (download)

Martins, Rafael D’Almeida/ Ferreira, Leila da Costa: Governing climate change at the city level (download)

McGee, Jeffrey Scott: Exclusive minilateralism (download)

Menzel, Susanne: Conditions for the successful combination of flood prevention and river restoration (download)

Mert, Ayşem: The myths of developmentalism (download)

Mora, Margarita/ Niesten, Eduard: Social development and freshwater fisheries conservation (download)

Morel, Michèle: Protecting environmental migrants (download)


Nchotaji, Nkemtaji Moses: Participatory forest resource governance (download)

Niemeyer, Simon: Climate change and the public sphere (download)


Obadia, Lionel: The cultural acceptance of ecological policies and consciousness of environmental change in Asian developing countries (download)

Oberlack, Christoph: Determinants of the capacity to adapt to climate change in multi-level governance systems – a meta-analysis of case study evidence (download)

Offermans, Astrid/ Valkering, Pieter: Learning from the past (download)


Palmujoki, Eero/ Virtanen, Pekka/ Gemechu, Dereje Terefe: Climate change adaptation and the LDC (download)

Pechan, Anna/ Stecker, Rebecca/ Steinhäuser, Micha/  Rotter, Maja/ Eisenack, Klaus: Why are utilities reluctant to adapt to climate change? (download)

Pegels, Anna: Prospects for renewable energy in South Africa (download)

Pereira, Laura/ Fontoura, Yuna/ Fontoura, Carlos: Governance for food security under climate change (download)

Pickering, Jonathan: Global negotiations on climate finance: what role can fairness play? (download)


Quandt, Alexandra: Social barriers to implementing climate policy measures (download)

Quandt, Alexandra: Voluntary approaches in climate policy (download)

Quitzow, Rainer: Governance for sustainable development as „strategic public management“ (download)


Rabitz, Florian C.: Policy coherence in a multiinstitutional setting (download)

Raheem, Usman Adebimpe: „When the earth bleeds“ (download)

Rincon Ruiz, Alexander: Coca (Erythroxylon coca) crops and social-environmental conflicts (download)


Sahakian, Marlyne D.: „West is best“ trends in the Philippines:  The impact of lifestyle choices on household energy consumption patterns (download)

Sauer, Arn: Intersectional queer challenges to E/SIA (download)

Schaffrin, André: Who pays for climate change? (no download available, please contact the author:

Schmeier, Susanne/ Schulze, Sabine: Governing environmental change in international river basins (download)

Schneider, Volker/ Ollmann, Jana: Punctuations and displacements in policy discourse (download)

Scholten, Peter/ Edelenbos, Jurian/ de Groot, Wouter/ Meijerink, Sander/ Teisman, Geert: Political leadership in environmental change (download)

Schouten, Greetje/ Nikoloyuk, Jordan/ Glasbergen, Pieter: Explaining differences in the success of roundtables  (download)

Sewerin, Sebastian: Comparing nations‘ environmental and climate policy performance  (download)

Shalaby, Ehab Yousry Kamel: The impact of phasing out energy subsidies on developing countries  (download)

Shale, Moliehi T.: Resilience and risk in the informal economy (download)

Shkaruba, Anton/ Kireyeu, Viktar: Integration of legacy effects into evaluation of ecosystem governance (download)

Stevenson, Hayley: Democratising climate governance through discursive engagement  (download)

Sulagna, Swati/ Poyyamoli, / Shetty, Kabir: A study on the impact of natural hazard driven environmental change on the few selected coastal communities of Orissa, India (download)

Suzuki, Masachika: Finding the social, economic and technological barriers and opportunities in the developing countries for designing the technology transfer and innovation regime in climate change (download)


Tanaka, Katsuya/Matsuoka, Shunji: The effectiveness of international environmental agreements  (download)

Tassa, Dominic T.: Benefit sharing mechanisms and governance issues in participatory forest management-REDD related projects (download)

Till, Stellmacher: The local payoffs of coffee certification (download)


Uhre, Andreas Nordang: Investigating transnational business power in environmental regime formation (download)

Upham, Paul/ Tomei, Julia/ Dendler, Leonie: When regulatory co-production is too narrow (download)


Valkering, Pieter/ Middelkoop, Hans/ Offermans, Astrid: Exploring water-society interaction (download)

Venghaus, Sandra/ Selbmann, Kirsten: Biofuel as social fuel (download)

Vijge, Marjanneke Johanna: Why is there no world environment organisation? (download)

Vo, Viet Anh: Call to arms (download)

Vogelpohl, Thomas: Voluntary bioenergy certification (download)


Weigelt, Jes: How marginalised communities make themselves being heard in tropical forest governance (download)

Weith, Thomas/ Gaasch, Nadin/ Schulz, Kristin: Sustainable land management (download)

Werland, Stefan/ Bär, Holger/ Räcke, Florian: Policy Instruments for Environmental Innovations (download)

Widmer, Alexander: Coping with climate change (download)

Yamashita, Noriaki: The role of Tokyo in Japanese climate policy – from the viewpoint of multi-level governance (download)


Zelli, Fariborz: A new theory-driven approach to institutional interplay (download)

Zelli, Fariborz/ van Asselt, Harro: The interplay between the United Nations climate regime and the World Trade Organization (download)

Zelli, Fariborz/ van Asselt, Harro/ Gupta, Aarti: Technologies for adaptation to climate change (download)

Ziervogel, Gina/ Parnell, Susan: South African coastal cities‘ response to climate change adaptation (download)